Step by Step: How to Create Killer Webinars with Steven Essa

International speaker, software developer and webinar training expert – Steven Essa


Steven EssaSteven is a webinar guru – he helps people without products or list create a webinar and sell between $2200 and $22,000 in just a weekend! He goes step by step through his formula to create webinars – with exactly what to say and when!

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4 Responses to “Step by Step: How to Create Killer Webinars with Steven Essa”

  1. Sylvia Nasser-Wendel

    Chockfull of amazing content. I couldn’t help but get excited about webinars, who knew? – Steven has awesome energy. So grateful for this episode! (Shared it)

  2. Chris

    Great episode. Stephen’s step-by-step approach provided an easy to follow path to success with webinars.

    Keep up the great interviews Jaime!

  3. Mary Kathryn Johnson

    Incredible tips! Thanks Steven, and Jaime!
    Your Millionaire Hustlers webinar was PERFECT!
    I’m living proof!

  4. Andre

    This guy was awesome. I actually love the way John Lee Dumas teaches webinars as well. Great interview.