“New Media Expo has over 200 speakers at each show and Jaime was hands down one of the best decisions we have made.  Her session was both highly informative and engaging.  The attendees were taking copious notes and actually learning; and that’s why they return to our show each year because of the highest quality of speakers such as Jaime. We were both pleased and would welcome her back anytime.” – Shane Ketterman – New Media Expo


Jaime will share researched information on what the most successful people are doing right now to get what they want.  And what the critical components are so your audience isn’t overwhelmed with too much info. Start doing the right actions so you and your audience can get results too.

“Jaime, look how young you are, and you’ve already figured that out. You are way ahead of most people.” – Guy Kawasaki – Author the Art of the Start


Download the full Speaking Press Kit here. (or download the zip)

 Please send an email to speaking @ eventualmillionaire.com to arrange for Jaime to come and speak to your group.


 “Even more impressive than the great seminar content was the interactive way you presented the material — leading each of us to significant personal insights — which make the information both useful and extraordinarily interesting.”

– Charles A. Morrison, President – Androscoggin County Chamber of Commerce



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