Sean Malarkey – How to Market Educational Products Online

Online Marketing Professional, Twitter and Social Media Author and Speaker, President of Inspired Marketing – Sean Malarkey

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Sean MalarkeySean walks through his process for creating a great online marketing campaign. He also gives details on exactly what software he uses and some examples that worked well for him and his partner Lewis Howes.

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10 Responses to “Sean Malarkey – How to Market Educational Products Online”

  1. Micah

    Great interview with Sean.
    I really like your site and your message. Keep up the good work!


  2. Cheval John

    I enjoyed the interview. I really like the fact that you can be honest in your marketing and not try to do it just for the money. Thanks for the post.

  3. Stephen Hart

    great interview. i’ve bought a couple products from Sean’s network in the past and it’s great to hear a little more about the nuts and bolts of how he made it happen. thanks again Jaime.

  4. Kate Luella

    what an amazing interview, I love how open Sean is about this business results, great tips like how to set out a copy page. Love that!

    🙂 Kate