How Social Media Examiner’s Michael Stelzner Starts a New Business

CEO & Founder of Social Media Examiner – Michael Stelzner

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Michael Stelzner

Social Media Examiner hit it’s industry hard in 2009 and made over one million dollars in the first year in business. (without selling ANYTHING for the first 4 months!) Michael knows how to start businesses, and what the key pieces and questions you need to ask. Listen in to hear step by step how Michael starts something new, and learn a bit about his new business nicknamed Project Torch!

Here are the questions Mike uses when starting a business:

    • What do I want to achieve?
    • Where do I want to go?
    • Why do I want it?
    • What are my underlying motivations?
    • Can others rally around the vision?
    • What perceive problems am I addressing?
    • What is it look like once I have accomplished it?
    • What am I lacking today?
    • And what can keep me from accomplishing my vision?

Listen in to hear how he answers some of them for his new business!

Go to  to check out his awesome podcast.

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11 Responses to “How Social Media Examiner’s Michael Stelzner Starts a New Business”

  1. Glenn

    Michael gave some awesome advice. I really needed to hear that from someone because I’m working on a new project. I’m going to answer all those questions tonight for my project. Thanks Jamie.

  2. Rob

    Another excellent interview. I appreciateyou putting the questions asked before starting in the show notes as I was scrambling for a own to write them done. Thank you both for the value you provide.

  3. Rivka Kawano

    Great interview! Social Media Examiner is definitely my favorite site about all things social media and anyone who has not been there yet should check it out! 🙂

  4. Cheval John

    This was an excellent interview. He brings such a unique perspective on things that makes the complicated stuff easy. Thanks for this.

    P.S. Just signed up to join Social Media Examiner.

  5. Adebo I

    I enjoyed Mike’s vibe on this interview. He simply pointed out “developing relationship” as a key core value of a successful entrepreneur who is INTENTIONAL and FOCUS.
    I captured the following Step By Step Actions to successful business;
    1. Soundboard ideas to trusted and respected people
    2. Imagine your idea already happened and answer the questions Jamie listed above.
    3. Share and talk answers with trusted and respected people.
    4. Write consolidated and clear vision
    5. Identify knowledgeable people your audience are interested in
    6. Make a graphic design art of idea
    7. No looking back

  6. Joe Cassandra

    Great interview Jaime! Thanks Michael for the inspiration. I’ve written a 5 year plan, but haven’t detailed and mapped it like Michael, i’m going to need to start working on that (it’s such a simple idea..)!

  7. Michael Morejon

    Thanks for the interview Jaime, I will be going over those questions with myself in my own “place” and just reflect on them and start taking action. One day at a time.

    God bless Jaime, you and your family.

    • Jaime

      Perfect Michael! Exactly, we can only choose what we do today. As long as action is a part of today that’s all that matters 🙂

  8. Fred

    It’s mad to think how quickly this site took off. It’s not surprising you need some weight behind you in the networking front to achieve the same results as this.