Harness the Power of Fear


Did you know there is power in fear? Most of the time it seems like fear takes away your power.


But there is a hidden power in fear that you need to uncover.


You don’t want to be fearless. You want to harness the fear and use it for good. (not evil!)


Fear is a wall. And if you can learn to climb, you can stay ahead of others. They are stopped by it, but you, you use it to power you to keep going forward.


When you feel that fear, recheck the plan, and power through it.


You are still on the journey when others quit.

You are still learning and growing when others stay stagnant.

You have the courage to live the life you choose.


If you let fear stop you, it will, every single time. Right now is where you rise up and stop letting it control you. YOU are in control.


Don’t wish that you were fearless. Wish that you knew how to harness that fear and use it for your own benefit.


Learn that skill, and look down from the wall you climbed to the others that let fear stop them.


We don’t need to be super human to do this either.


“ A Black Belt does not have Super Human strength, they have simply unlocked the secrets to Human’s Super Strengths.”



Join me on Thursday April 12th at 9pm EDT (8pm Central, 7pm Mountain, 6pm Pacific) for tools and tips to start to unlock the secrets to Human’s Super Strengths. I can’t wait to talk to you live! 🙂



6 Responses to “Harness the Power of Fear”

  1. John

    I like how you likened fear to a wall – so true! We have to climb, climb, climb the wall in order to become stronger! Love it!

    • eventualmillionaire

       Thanks John! Glad you liked it 🙂 Too bad the mental walls doesn’t build out physical muscles too 😉

    • Jaime

      I did! If you are on my email list you’ll be getting it today. If not, you have to wait a week 🙂

  2. James

    Bruce Lee had the most powerful punch known to man, yet he was small in stature.  He simply knew how to harness the power and unleash it at the right time.