$3.2 million in 8 days with Mike Dillard and Robert Hirsch

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the elevation groupPacked content in amazing HD video for this special episode of EM. Mike and Robert explain how they started from nothing and climbed their way to the top using mentors, mindset, and strategies to help. You don’t want to miss this one!

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19 Responses to “$3.2 million in 8 days with Mike Dillard and Robert Hirsch”

  1. Kevin

    Jaime you are awesome!
    And thank you for “introducing” me to Mr. Hirsch (I have read Mr. Dillard before – and yes I advised my parents to invest in gold a few years back πŸ™‚
    They compliment each other amazingly well!
    Thanks Jaime!

    • Jaime

      I knew Mike from before and this was the first time I met Robert. His wife and him blew me away with their hospitality. Amazing people. πŸ™‚

  2. Miguel

    Great interview, they said something about information overload which I found very interesting which we fill with information but we dont take action….!!


  3. Thomas Ehrlich

    Thank you so much for this in depth advice-packed interview. I wish I could respond honestly to your question if it would be worthwile if you made the effort to do more Videos in HD.

    Now to Topic: You suggested to write right here what advice are we going to execute right now this week. One of the guys made a very valuable Suggestion concerning your Little Talent you are not Aware of because it Comes that naturally to you. It was to ask Family, friends, Peers, etc. to write a short paragraph about where they notice a strength. I’m doing that this week.

    Best regards!

  4. Iago Recinos

    Hi Jaime!

    I just heard of you this morning on the Entrepreneur on fire podcast, so I checked out your site and watched you interview the Elevation Group guys. Great stuff! Lots of very good insights on starting and running a business!

    I’ll definetly be coming back to your site!

    As to the action I’m taking this week, for the moment I’m just soaking up every bit of information I can get. I know exactly what they meant with “information overload”. πŸ™‚
    I am a freelance video editor in Austria, and I’m just starting to “look over the fence” to see what’s out there.

    Best wishes!

  5. Andy Hayes

    Excellent advice and perspective on the mentorship piece – Jamie, I’m trying this out on my next few mentor prospects. Woot!

  6. Valentine Okafor

    Good interview Jamie, if I may add you really keep better and better with your interviews.I appreciate how you always bring back the conversation to your the question you asked and how you (repeat) or summarize the answer that your guest provided.

    This interview with these two gentlemen is great and the format is good. It will be nice if you can afford the associated cost with this format, otherwise your standard format is great two, what matters is the content, keep it up.



  7. Paul


    Yet another amazing interview; thank you!

    My one takeaway is to ask 5 coworkers and 5 people that love me what I do best so I can clarify my own ‘stupid human trick.’ Like Robert said, it’s probably something I think is ridiculously simple and I expect everybody else in the world to be doing already. That will make it hard for me to accept as truth, because if I find it that simple it’s hard for me to understand that others may struggle with it (whatever it is).

    Thanks again! Your interviews always provide incredible insight and this one was the best yet!


  8. Paul Lindsay

    Incredible interview! I was impacted by doing your “stupid human trick” conversation. I’m a former radio programmer/personality. I on occasion operate as a professional TV camera operator. I am going to investigate the best way to better activate the skills I have. I loved the three camera shoot for the interview. Thanks for your service!

  9. Jeff Jones

    Hi Jaime,

    In the interview you mention there is a whole chapter about finding mentors “in the book.” What book are you referring to?

    Great interview and I learned a lot including helping potential visitors figure stuff out with me. Not pretending we know everything is an obvious but huge truth!


    • Jaime

      Yes! I actually meant in my book πŸ™‚ The manuscript is due in a few weeks. It should be coming out in December πŸ™‚

  10. Jimmy Fuentes

    WOW! This is awesome! Great progression! I remember listening to some of your first audio interviews and now you’re up to this, love it! Site looks awesome by the way.


    • Jaime

      Aw thanks Jimmy! A lot changes in a few years. πŸ™‚ Glad you noticed too!

  11. Ryan Brown

    I just wanted to said thanks for this interview with Robert Hirsch and Mike Dillard. I been reading about Mike Dillard for awhile now and I bought Magnetic Sponsoring too. As I am making my transition out of the military, I been wondering what I could do to create value for myself. When Mike said he did copywriting, that definitely was a sign because I was thinking about doing that. I love the HD quality interview. Keep up the great work! As Zig Ziglar would say “You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help enough other people get what they want.”

  12. John Mannion

    I really loved their differing answers on the last question. From Mike: It takes consistently doing bits of work each day, no matter how seemingly mundane sometimes. Robert: Find what’s easy, and stick to that as much as possible.

    Hmm…how to combine the two.

    Really like the interview. Thanks.

    • Jaime

      Great question! They were both such compliments to each other. You let me know how it goes too!! πŸ˜‰

  13. Liping Feng

    Hi Jaime,
    Thank you for following me on Twitter which has led me here. I just watched your show with the Elevation Group. I am impressed. So many golden nuggets in there. Will watch more later. Thank you so much.
    Peace & Blessings to you and your business,