Finding Your Businesses Key Differentiator with Luba

Co-founder and head of New Media Development of Findr Interactive – Luba Tolkachyov

Luba TolkachyovLuba is a Russian Immigrant, and used her background to her advantage. She set herself apart from the hundreds of other digital firms out there by focusing on her asset, ethnicity and diversity. She also dives deep into how she can run her three companies with her very young children, and stay sane!

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7 Responses to “Finding Your Businesses Key Differentiator with Luba”

  1. Amy

    It drives me nuts that I can’t control the video on your website. Am I the only one experiencing this problem? No sound or playback controls on the video and no time length on audio.

  2. Jessica Rhodes

    This was a great interview! wow a millionaire with two young kids! Holy awesomeness!

    Amy- click the YouTube icon and watch it at to control audio and playback.

  3. Samir

    Great interview.I just have one question. How do we go about testing our idea by surveying people? Where and how do we survey the target market? I know knocking on people’s door for the questions is not the most efficient thing to do.

    • Jaime

      Thanks! I cover this a lot in Millionaire start. Knocking on people’s door virtually actually works well 😉 One tip- go on linked in – find a target customer and see if you can set up a call. 🙂

  4. Carolina

    Thank you SO much for having Luba on the show! I found her story inspiring and very relatable (minus the $$millions). I, too, am an immigrant of the late 80’s into the US and though my family didn’t have to hustle as much as Luba’s did, I certainly learned that nothing is just going to get handed to me (including language translation!). What I want, I have to go out and get. I LOVE Luba’s work in blending an immigrant’s native culture with the customs and traditions of this country which lovingly and openly rounded out our education.

    I’m not sure about Luba or others but in my case I rejected (at first) where I came from in order to assimilate this culture faster and to learn English proficiently. No accent. Like Luba. And it can be tricky to embrace both, especially as a child. Super cool chicks, you two!! Really enjoyed this.


  5. Michelle Christie

    This is awesome to see women millionaires sharing their stories. We hosted a millionaires panel at our Motivators and Creators “MACsWomen” Connect Summit in White Plains, New York and it was a huge success! Women learn well from other women! Great video! Keep interviewing more women!