How to Network With Celebrities and Thought Leaders like Steve Jobs with Kelli Richards

CEO of All Access Group LLC, Top Music/Tech Exec, Mentor, Author, Certified Coach – Kelli Richards


Kelli RichardsKelli has an amazing story, and an even more amazing network. She worked with Steve Jobs and many others at Apple, and now helps deals with amazing silicon valley business and even celebrities. We talk about how to network with extremely high level people. I even created what I call “Connection Dinners” since taking advice from Kelli!

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9 Responses to “How to Network With Celebrities and Thought Leaders like Steve Jobs with Kelli Richards”

  1. Terry S. Smith

    Terrible audio, could hardly understand her.

    • Jaime

      I know! It’s so bad! I’ll have to try and have her back on.
      It gets better towards the end! 🙂

  2. Tobrise

    I was really looking forward to the interview. But because of the bad audio I had to turn off about 6 mins. Please can you get Kelli back for another interview with proper audio?

    • Jaime

      I know – I’m so sorry! I need to have her back on- she was great! It gets better towards the end.

  3. The Wallet Doctor

    Fascinating! Its very helpful to hear how people navigate networking with such big names. So many aspire to get into those circles, but few ever make it. Thanks for the great interview!

  4. Jimmy

    This was an interesting podcast. Its always good to learn from successful people. I got lot of tips. Thanks for sharing it.

  5. Halelly Azulay

    This was really interesting, Jaime, thank you!
    It’s funny because just this week I read an article that also suggested these kinds of ‘salon-like’ gatherings as a way to batch up networking conversations. I’m gonna noodle on that – and how to create it.
    Here’s that article on Forbes, btw: