The Social Media KICK in the Pants You Need Right NOW with Jay Baer

Hype-free marketing strategist, speaker, and best selling author and President of the social media and content marketing consultancy Convince & Convert – Jay Baer

Jay BaerJay tells it like it is! Do you want the REAL story on why your social isn’t doing what you want it to? Actionable steps on how to create a better content strategy and do an audit of your current social media. Jay overdelivers in this episode!

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6 Responses to “The Social Media KICK in the Pants You Need Right NOW with Jay Baer”

  1. Nancy Myrland

    Hi Jaime! Great interview with Jay! Question: What kind of mic are you using…because it sounds great. 🙂 Maybe the Heil PR40? Take care, and enjoy your Tuesday!

    • Natalie

      Hi Nancy, Jaime’s actually using the Audio-Technica AT2020 USB – you can find a link to it at!

  2. Anne Lindyberg

    Wonderful, inspirational and very informative podcast. I’m a recent regular listener (through Sticher) but I had to find your blog and leave this comment. Information presented discussed from different angles and with no agenda, in a highly usable fashion.

  3. Damien Cook

    So true, I’ve found it all to be a total waste of time for my business (consulting/software development) unless you:

    a) Actively seek out people on an individual level, get them into a discussion.
    b) Meet them via Skype/at a coffee shop and become a ‘real’ person to them.

    Once you’ve met them once or twice, they’ll read whatever you post end to end. Until then it’s just another option in a sea of boring, narcissistic white noise. Everyone has ADHD nowadays (just look up, I’m assuming you have 10+ tabs open?) It’s all about click bait, gotta read that next article, gotta read the next one.

    … Sorry what was I doing again?

  4. Gonçalo Hall

    As a social media manager I just loved all the interview! so much great information and insights.

    Keep up the awesome work Jaime.