How Was This Business Owner Able To Venture Out On His Own?

Linux expert, best-selling author, and founder of the Linux Training Academy – Jason Cannon

Jason’s average monthly revenue BEFORE and AFTER he joined Millionaire Masters. The pivotal moments that changed everything for Jason and how was he able to launch a beta program for a new product that made money from the get go! The way Jason was able to move away from having to depend on others to bring revenue into his business.

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Are you dependent on big companies, like Amazon or Udemy, to bring revenue into your business?


Jason Cannon, owner at Linux Training Academy, an online, on-demand training academy for learning Linux, catapulted his business to new heights with the help of Millionaire Masters.


Jason has an interesting business in a unique niche where he helps IT professionals level up their careers by providing real world, practical training that is used in today’s industry.  


In this case study you will discover what his business struggles were before joining the group, his pivotal moment that changed everything, and his revenue numbers (which he was gracious enough to share).


Recognizing that something is holding you back from taking the next step in your business is half the battle. We asked Jason a series of questions to really dig down deep to see how being a part of Millionaire Masters changed his business.


So Jason, what was your main goal at the beginning of the program?


I wanted to create a sales funnel for a new product so that I could have an entire stream of income not dependent on a 3rd party.


Jason had an amazing revenue stream, in fact he was one of the highest paid Udemy teachers. But they changed their terms of service which drastically cut his revenue.


There are big positives to using a 3rd party like Udemy or Amazon – they have HUGE distribution. The problems are that they devalue the content and undercut. AND as a business owner you have no control over how they change their policies.


Last year Udemy changed their policy to limit the price point of courses. Unfortunately Jason had no control over what they did.


Hence the reason he needed to get out from under the thumb of a third party and take control back in his business!


What was your average monthly revenue before starting Millionaire Masters?


About $25,000 per month or $300,000 per year


What are you on track to do by end of 2016?


$533,512 top-line revenue, $479,101 bottom-line profit.


Jason was able to almost double his revenue from the previous year!


When we started Jason’s group of Millionaire Masters in November 2015, one of the first things we did was outline ONE main goal to work on for the entire year. Then we broke it down by quarter, which we outline in detail on our one-on-one quarterly coaching calls.


Jason was in my group coaching program Millionaire Hustlers before too – so he knew the power of what I call Active Actions.


Active Actions are those things that you really don’t want to do, but you know they would be great for your business. That means stepping out of your comfort zone and taking risks. These are things that you know you need to do but haven’t been top priority because you have either been scared to do them or you feel like you have other things going on.


What were the BIGGEST pivotal moments that changed your trajectory? Why didn’t you do it yourself beforehand?


The biggest pivotal moment for me was when I launched my private beta program. I only made a few thousand dollars from it at that point, but it proved to me that I could have more control in my business and make money without partners or 3rd parties.  


Jason needed to do a few things to set up for what I call the “beta process”. He had to really separate himself from the big 3rd parties by finding the key differentiator that would make people pay MORE for his program than on Udemy. Otherwise with his list size it wouldn’t have been worth it.


Other competitors in his market were charging a TON for certifications – so he knew the demand for higher priced programs was there. We added in direct access to Jason to answer questions and run through things live which was a big selling point for his fans. That made us able to charge a lot more during the beta and prove the model.


Then when we relaunched it to his small list, we CRUSHED the goals we set out. The first launch beta launch I suggest having about 12-15 people in it. Jason put it out to his list and got 28.

Then we set a goal for the initial launch to be 75 he crushed that with 94.

Then again since it was a back to back launch to the same list, I assumed we should set the bar lower. The goal was 20 and he hit 93.


When setting goals, you need to know what type of person you are. If you are motivated by HUGE goals and don’t get discouraged if you don’t hit them- then set them very high.

But if you are the type of person that if you don’t come close to it- it demotivates you – set something that is very doable. Pushes you a bit- but totally doable.


Your goal setting depends on how you react to hitting or not hitting the goal 🙂


Lastly, what other benefits have you gotten from Millionaire Masters?


Being around other people that are hitting bigger goals than mine keep me motivated and open to greater possibilities. Of course, getting to work with Jaime has been great, too. I can always count on her to help me with strategy.


(Have I mentioned Jason rocks? Yeah, my clients are amazing – I’m ridiculously lucky)


It can be super motivating to see others around you succeeding. Most entrepreneurs are overachievers and a bit competitive. When you see others having HUGE wins each week – it pings the competitive nature of the group too. You don’t want to follow a big deal with something small. So each week you drive more and more to have an amazing win to talk about.


That’s one of the great points of a mastermind group. I remember over 6 years ago when I started mine – Pat Flynn and everyone in the group was WAY more successful than me online (my blog was 1 month old – so yeah! I knew barely anything) but coming to the call without a big win made me strive more every single week to look like someone that should be on the mastermind with rockstars.


Surround yourself with rockstars. It will level up not only your mindset but your competitive spirit too.

The further they go, the further you go!

Thanks so much for listening!


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