Need an Investor for Your Startup? Listen to this with Freddie Achom

British-Nigerian serial entrepreneur and tech investor – Freddie Achom

Freddie-Achom204Freddie is a serial entrepreneur and investor. He goes into exactly where you need to be to find funding and gives tips on scaling a business. Plus he wants to invest in 20 businesses by 2016 – so he gives you the opportunity to pitch him!

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6 Responses to “Need an Investor for Your Startup? Listen to this with Freddie Achom”

  1. Andrew Heyman

    Excellent interview Jaime keep it coming. The first time I’ve heard of Freddie, for all he has accomplished he is humbled. How can i download this audio?

  2. Pablo Miller

    Fantastic interview! Fred is a perfect example of when you work hard, you stick to your vision, you can achieve exactly what you want! With his untainted reputation and a track record of empowering his business partners Freddie brings a refreshing approach to the cloudy world of Venture Capital.

  3. Arlene King

    Well done Freddie!!! This was an insightful and informative interview. It was also inspiring to inform others of your journey, good times and bad times, including how you begun.

    Having worked with you for so many years, I can add, you are fearless, constantly reinventing yourself and always pushing boundaries.

    Lady King

  4. Daniel B

    Hi Jamie

    THANK YOU! I’ve been looking for an quality interview with Mr Achom for months. Great site & great service

  5. Ibrehem Rahman

    Very well done interview. Freddie, is a very smart and insight businessman. I always love to hear about what he has his hand in next.