Elle Kaplan: Taking the Leap and Going on Your Own

Founding Partner and CEO of Lexion Capital Management – Elle Kaplan


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elle kaplanElle was a highly successful investor working for someone else. She now runs one of the only women owned investment firms in NYC. But she had to be told 3 times by 3 different people before she actually took the leap. Learn how she did it, and how she hit her YEAR goals within the FIRST day of launch!

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7 Responses to “Elle Kaplan: Taking the Leap and Going on Your Own”

  1. Kashif (Kashi) Ahmed

    Thanks Jamie for this great interview with Elle Kaplan. I am so impressed by her powerful story and it gives me courage to take the risk, be confident, and successful.

  2. Kamille @ Save1

    Elle Kaplan is amazing. I really admire her, how she believes that it’s not about the money and that we should find something that we are passionate about. I’ve heard that advice many times before, but it is different when you hear it from someone who became successful by doing so. It is actually hard to start something when you don’t really know exactly what you really want, so I guess that should be the first thing I need to do. I hope I can also be confident enough to take risks and become successful as well.

    • Jaime

      It takes practice Kamille! Keep taking small risks. Frank Mckinney says it’s like a muscle, you have to keep practicing and it’ll get stronger! Good luck!!

  3. Beatrice M Young

    Thank you for this phenomenal interview! It was soooo inspiring and motivating. I’ve already begun reading the city’s business journal, and I am going to put her advice about savings and reviewing the business and investment section of the newspaper in action this weekend. You are so awesome for providing these interviews. Please keep doing what you are doing, Jamie!

    • Jaime

      Thank you Beatrice!! I really appreciate it, and I’m so glad you got a lot out of it 🙂