How to become a world-class connector With Derek Coburn

Author of Networking Is Not Working – Derek Coburn

The right way to do your introductions and qualify in advance if it’s a good use of someone’s time. The one thing that makes all your introductions immediately easier to write. How to connect people in such a way that makes them look good and benefits both sides.

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6 Responses to “How to become a world-class connector With Derek Coburn”

  1. Ida

    This is absolutely awesome — how thoughtful. I like connecting people and never thought of it like this. Thank you so so much because I want to be thoughtful of others time and still be helpful.

  2. Vincent Pugliese

    Jaime and Derek, great episode! I love the focus on connecting people together. This is such a win-win for everyone involved, and it makes so much sense to make this a daily process. It’s amazing to think what can be done if this mindset became much more widespread.

    Thanks so much for this episode!

  3. Gale Bates

    Can you direct us to the templates you discuss and said would be in the show notes. Thank you. Great podcast.

  4. Josh Paiva

    Awesome blog. I was just surfing around a social sharing site and came across your link. Your domain caught my eye glad I clicked. You have some great content here. Bookmarking your site for sure and will be back to read your new posts. Thank you!