Networking is Not Working with Derek Coburn

Author at Networking Is Not Working, Founder at Cadre, LLC – Derek Coburn


Derek Coburn 204Another millionaire connected me to the amazing Derek Coburn. He’s had a very successful financial services firm, but realized the reason why he was so successful is because he did things differently. What did they do? We dive into that and why it spawned a new company called Cadre. It’s how networking SHOULD be. We bust myths on what you should be doing to connect with people. Don’t connect until you listen in! Plus one really amazing resource I started using to stay connected with people.

Resources Mentioned in the Podcast:

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2 Responses to “Networking is Not Working with Derek Coburn”

  1. The Wallet Doctor

    I’ve always had the best success with making genuine connections with people and developing meaningful ties. So many of those traditional ideas didn’t work for me.

  2. Jordan Peterson

    Loved this interview guys! Thanks Derek for mentioning Contactually! Great resource!