Let Go as a First Employee of Infusionsoft to a Million Dollar Company

CEO and Co-Founder at SixthDivision – Brad Martineau

Brad MartineauBrad has a unique story! He’s related to the guys that created Infusionsoft – and he worked as an employee for many years. When he was let go- he wasn’t sure what to do! He ended up creating a new company will all of his specialized knowledge and has been crushing it in the few short years he has had it. Learn not only how he went from nothing to huge company in a few years – but also get tips on how to make YOUR email marketing kick butt!

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6 Responses to “Let Go as a First Employee of Infusionsoft to a Million Dollar Company”

  1. Cory

    That was so great! You do such a good job at pulling out just what we need! Thanks for all your hard work Jaime! Cory

  2. Alfreda

    Wow! This was an amazing power-packed interview. Thank you Jaime and Brad.

  3. Pierre Lebrun

    This is absolutely fantastic. We’re in the process of creating an on-boarding document for our consulting clients AND in the middle of thinking about our sales process. This interview really hit the spot.