Success to Significance: Selling a Business for Millions but Waking up Without a Purpose with Aaron Walker

Businessman and Life Coach – Aaron Walker

Aaron WalkerAaron started his first business at age 18. He grew 8 more businesses, and “retired” but then realized that he needed to use his gifts to feel fulfilled. We talk about how important building relationships are in growing a business – AND he gives away a free gift!

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13 Responses to “Success to Significance: Selling a Business for Millions but Waking up Without a Purpose with Aaron Walker”

    • Aaron Walker

      Ms Johnson,
      Thank you so much for taking the time to listen to the interview. The plan is absolutley paramount. Thanks again.

  1. Kimberly Coleman

    This was one of my favorite interviews to date. As a mom who has worked from home around my family’s schedule for the last decade, it was encouraging to listen to someone with similar priorities!

    • Aaron Walker

      Mrs. Coleman,
      I’m so humbled at your kind remarks. Saying this is one of your personal favorites makes me very happy. Thank you again.

  2. Adebo @ weRnextgeneration

    Investing in Relationship! It is so tempting to justify that I have so much to do and delay staying connected with relationships. But I declare that, for the rest of this month every day, I am calling one person a day and texting three people to checkup on their wellbeing.

    Thank you Jamie and Aaron for sharing amazing resources!

    • Aaron Walker

      You are so right we must make time daily to check on those we care about. You made a commitment for the next thirty days but I want to challenge you to make it a part of your life daily from now on. Best of luck. Live on purpose!

  3. Brian

    Superb interview. Life inspiring as well as business inspiring and up there with the best yet in my opinion.

    Jaime looking radiant too!

    • Aaron Walker

      Wow! That was a strong endorsement and I want you to know that it’s much appreciated. My prayer is you take one small nugget away with you that I said and maybe it impacts your life in a positive way. Seriously, thank you.

  4. Aaron Walker

    I’m so excited to hear your future plans. This will pay immeasurable benefits. Please keep me posted to your progress. Please reach out any time to my personal email, Have a great day and Live It On Purpose!

  5. Terry


    Thank you so much for the inspiring interview! It really lifted my spirit that day and I ended listening to it 3 times!

    I would hire you as a coach one day if I could eventually afford it.

    Good luck and take care!

    • Aaron Walker

      I’m grateful you took the time to listen once, much less three times. I’m blown away at this and I want you to hear me when I say “Thank You”. If one day you would allow me the opportunity to speak with you that would be incredible. (Here is my personal cell number 615-207-3018) Feel free to reach out anytime also to my email, Live on purpose!