What Makes a Good Business Opportunity? With Aaron Pitman

Entrepreneur, Positivity Nut, Domain Name Investor, & Networking Professional – Aaron Pitman

Aaron PitmanWe have Aaron back on the show and he details what makes a good business opportunity. He describes what to do to test and even gives a chance to pitch him your ideas!

Go to www.AaronPitman.com for more info!

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4 Responses to “What Makes a Good Business Opportunity? With Aaron Pitman”

  1. Michelle

    Hi Jaime & Aaron, great interview, thanks!!
    What was the name of the digital agency you mentioned using?
    Thanks so much for sharing your insights!

  2. Florian

    Hi Jaime, thanks for the awesome interview with Aaron. I will definitely check out your first interview as well.

    Aaron’s approach of being an entrepreneur reminds my of a method in a book just read. It’s title is ‘Brains versus Capital’ and is written by Prof. Guenter Faltin. Prof. Faltin call his method of bring you business to life ‘building a business with components’. It opened my eyes.

    Aaron’s and Prof. Faltin’s approach of finding good business idea differ, but in this aspect they match almost 100%.

  3. Frank R

    Great interview… What is the name of the digital agency? Where are the show notes?



    • Jaime

      Good question! I called them and they weren’t really taking new clients. Darn! 🙂