Briana Borten – Starting Two Day Spa’s and Getting a Pain Relief Patch in Whole Foods Without Experience

Peace Engineer, Entrepreneur, Founder of The Dragontree Day Spa ( & Co-Founder of Imbue Pain Relief Patch ( – Briana Borten


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Briana BortenBriana is an amazing woman! She is a mom, owns two day spa’s, and has a pain relief patch in Whole Foods. After a tragic car accident she realized how precious life is, and she has been living life on her own terms ever since.

Learn how she started the Dragon Tree Day Spa without any experience in owning a business, AND how she got FDA approval for her pain relief patch.

Plus how the typical way to get into Whole Foods Northeast didn’t work, but what crazy idea did work.

Plus she teaches all about manifestation in a practical way! This interview is packed!

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12 Responses to “Briana Borten – Starting Two Day Spa’s and Getting a Pain Relief Patch in Whole Foods Without Experience”

    • eventualmillionaire

      You are so very welcome Sarah! I looove her story.

  1. Andy Hayes

    Oh man! I have always wanted to go to this spa (I’m based in Portland). Now that I know the backstory…:-)

  2. blueomyoga

    Briana, this interview is one that every young person wanting to start a business should listen to. They’ll have no more excuses about “I’m too young” after hearing your story.. congrats on all your success!

    • eventualmillionaire

      I agree! Plus I’ve heard that so many times on facebook and twitter from this interview. Go Briana! 🙂

  3. Zhanna

    This interview is amazing! You two are very inspirational. It’s great to know there are people like you both in the world, it keeps us all motivated as entrepreneurs.

  4. Cheval John

    This is a great interview. At least someone was smart enough to take action with her goals.

    • eventualmillionaire

      haha, it’s usually about that isn’t it? TAKING ACTION! 🙂