Aaron Pitman – You Can Still Suck and Eventually Become Successful

Entrepreneur, President & Founder of API Domain Investments, LLC – Aaron Pitman


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Aaron PitmanAaron started at 18, never realizing he wanted to be an entrepreneur.

He was negative when he was young, and had to overcome that to have the positive attitude he has today. (learn how!)

Starting in MLM and then creating a domain reselling business, Aaron learned a lot about what it takes to be successful.

He has multiple businesses, and an amazing network of successful people.

Plus he gives a ton to charity, and he’s only 24!

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Go to www.AaronPitman.com for more info!

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14 Responses to “Aaron Pitman – You Can Still Suck and Eventually Become Successful”

    • eventualmillionaire

      That’s the plan Rav! Aaron has been great, I’m definitely inviting him back again!

    • eventualmillionaire

      Thanks Kevin! What was your favorite take away?

  1. Zhanna

    There really is a recurring theme about having a positive attitude for success. Another great interview! Aaron has a lot of useful information to share. 🙂

    • eventualmillionaire

      It’s amazing how a positive attitude can get you through SO much. It can help you get past your failures and make you continue! And it’s that perseverance that helps build a business 🙂

  2. Cheval John

    I really love this. I like the fact that he put in the dedication to his businesses and grown it from the ground up. They should have more people like you who gets to the truth of being a millionaire.

  3. Dejour

    Very interesting interview. What always seems to catch my attention with these millionaires is how they all have persistence towards achieving their focus as their main common denominator. If coming onto this website is not what i needed to begin my journey of becoming successful, I don’t know what is… after watching the secret i guess i should not be saying this but, one major problem that i have noticed after meeting my first wonderful girlfriend is that i have found that i did not have discipline to make the right choices and i think the main reason why is because ive not yet come up with the “exact” goal for me to work towards with patience, urgency, persistence, the right mind set, and so on… Overall this website is wonderful and i thank you for your work Jamie.

  4. Owen

    Great interview,Jaime. I downloaded and listened in the car. Very inspiring. Not sure I agree with what he said about MLM or Network marketing. I joined various MLM opportunities(at different times) in my twenties and failed. I sold heaps but when it came to getting highly motivated people to build my downline, it was really hard.

  5. LeakSources

    Very Good Interview Jaime! I know Aaron personally and he is EVERYTHING he says he is. The networking marketing company he speaks of was wonderful for me. Taught me exactly how to get over the fears of selling and introducing myself to strangers. whatever company a person decides to join, its ALL about the “TRAINING”. the Sunday Connect Aaron speaks of are SUPER POWERFUL! If nothing else it gives you the DRIVE to become successful in WHATEVER a person chooses to do as an Entrepreneur!

  6. Florian

    I listen to your second interview with Aaron first. Both are amazing and I can’t decide witch is offering more value! Thanks!!