How Dustin Wells Pivoted to Create a Million Dollar Business – Award Winning Business Plan was a Complete Failure

Founder & CEO of Headspring – Dustin Wells



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Dustin is the CEO of HeadSpring a custom software development and consulting firm. But that wasn’t his first business. In fact the first two business ideas he had completely failed, even though it had an award winning business plan. Learn how Dustin listened to his market to find out what they wanted in order to create a multimillion dollar amazing company.

I was truly impressed by how Dustin was able to keep open to opportunity even when things weren’t going his way. Keep getting feedback and keep moving forward!

In the comments tell me, what do you think you would have done or felt in Dustin’s place? Would you have come to the same conclusion?

Enjoy the interview!

(This video had issues too, so we’re only audio on this one! But don’t worry the issue is fixed and the next interview is right back to video!)

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8 Responses to “How Dustin Wells Pivoted to Create a Million Dollar Business – Award Winning Business Plan was a Complete Failure”

  1. Alan Kong

    Hey Jaime, first time here at your website and first of your podcast I’ve heard. Very informative! You know what I did right after listening? Got right to work! The words that resonated the most with me that Dustin said was that the first few clients are always the hardest to obtain. But as long as you take care of them, the business will snowball and referrals will come pouring in 🙂

    • eventualmillionaire

       Awesome! Get to work! 😉

  2. Peter

    Very nice interview.  Thank you Jamie.

  3. FrugalSpender

    Jaime, you are doing a great job of putting all this information out there!

  4. keithjameskemp

    Great interview.  I especially liked how Dustin said he really wasn’t aiming to be a entrepreneur but he wanted control, freedom and flexibility. 

    • eventualmillionaire

      Me too! I don’t know any better way to get control, freedom and flexibility 😉 That’s why I love to talk to people about that stuff more than business at first. Sometimes it’s scary to think of jumping in as an entrepreneur! But the benefits make it worth it!