The One Page Financial System

Adrian from posted about Trent Hamm’s Personal Finance on Just One Page. He challenged everyone to create a one page that sums up their personal finance system.

5 Responses to “The One Page Financial System”

  1. Chris Haviaris

    Jamie, love the whole thing, especially the “putting money back in it’s place” part! Love to see people taking back their power!

    • Jaime

      Thanks Chris! It’s a hard thing to condense and make it worthwhile and simple. 🙂 Glad you liked it.

  2. Sporkman

    Agreed, though under “Main Ideas”, I would add something along the lines of nurturing a desire for freedom, vs. letting go of the desire for greater material wealth in terms of posession. Not sure how to word that succinctly enough to fit the general theme however. 🙂