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What do you do when someone asks you questions about frugality? Answer them!

Frublogger emailed me Q&A with a few great questions about frugality and what it means to me. Take a look at her article with 42 Money Lessons from 19 Very Frugal Bloggers. She asked the top personal finance bloggers for their money lessons, and they did not disappoint!

1) What’s your frugality story? In other words, how and why did you become frugal?

I became frugal because I had a goal. My goal was to leave a job that I hated so I could be home and be with my son more. I wanted the freedom to do what I wanted, instead of listening to a boss tell me where and when I had to work.

Life isn’t just about surviving, it’s about thriving.

I also wanted my children to have a strong financial foundation, so they wouldn’t get into $70,000 worth of debt like their mom!

2) What, if anything, tempts you to overspend, and how do you resist?

What tempts me more than anything is a great deal. I think once you start to be frugal you realize the value of a good deal. Your antenna starts to go up whenever you see a good deal. It’s harder to refuse a good deal, even when you know it’s not something you need.

I resist by asking myself a question. In a year, will it matter whether or not I buy this?Ā Most of the time the answer is no.

3) What personal finance or frugality habits were the hardest for you to adopt and why?

The hardest habits to create were tracking everything. It can be hard to remember to ask for a receipt each time, or to come back and enter it. With two small children in tow things like receipts usually are forgotten!

Coupons are another issue. I can spend a long time looking for coupons. If I were to work on my business I might be able to make more than the $6 in coupons I found. I still look for coupons but I give myself a time limit.

4) Have you ever taken frugality too far? How so?

My husband would say I have. I am one of those people that will save the crackers from the restaurant if I don’t eat them! I paid for those crackers, I don’t want to waste them. Ā šŸ™‚

When we were getting out of debt I would refuse to go visit family 45 minutes away because of how expensive the gas was. There is a fine line between living life and enjoying experiences and sacrificing to pay debt.

5) What resources (blogs, books, websites) would you recommend to someone who’s newly frugal?

Since Dave Ramsey’s the Total Money Makeover was the eye opener for me, I always recommend it. When I teach others to get out of debt I have a huge resource list for them.

I would also suggest anyone new read success stories from others who have done it. I would start here at Get Rich Slowly.

Reading or listening to something inspiring every day will help keep your motivation up.

Also, forums like at WiseBread.com are helpful to get answers and tips. Check out this thread on personal success stories.

How would you answer these questions?

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