Why I am an ‘Eventual Millionaire’


Image by QuiteLucid via Flickr

Eventual: Occurring at an unspecified time in the future.

Millionaire: A person whose wealth amounts to a million or more in some unit of currency, as dollars.

An Eventual Millionaire is a person that knows, one day, they will have at least a millionaire dollars. Whether it is put away for retirement, is all in rental properties, or in a business, their net worth will have two commas.

I call myself an Eventual Millionaire. Technically I am a millionaire already if I were to convert my net worth to rupees, but since I live in America I don’t think that really counts. I have a lifetime goal of becoming a millionaire on MY terms. My Terms means being debt free, living the lifestyle that I want, and being able to pursue the passions I have while figuring out how to have a net worth with 2 comma’s in it.

I will outline my strategies for what got me here (being debt free, and living the lifestyle I want) and what will get me there (having a net worth of $1,000,000).


Happiness is not in the mere possession of money; it lies in the joy of achievement,

in the thrill of creative effort. – Franklin D. Roosevelt

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